Photos by Pratik

Morning at the airport.

In complete Austin fashion, the food options include a food truck (closed right now) near an outdoor seating area overlooking the planes.

We’re flying out of the South Terminal at Austin. It’s strangely not connected to the main airport. It has a nice retro vibe to it including the music. You even have to walk out on to the tarmac and climb those airplane mobile stairs to board the plane.

Standing Tall

It’s evening in America.


Water’s so still you can see the plants inside.

One of the best looking and tasting dishes at Pitchfork Pretty, Austin.

Red snapper with wintered lettuces, avocado and toasted nut butter.

Pitchfork Pretty Restaurant, Austin.


It’s a wet day for an elementary school carnival day but the skies are clearing up quickly.

Let’s go exploring.

Hiking at Camp Moody, Buda.

Hard to believe that we had to sit around a fire less than two weeks ago to feel comfortable and it’s 90ºF today.

Brutalist architecture, UT Austin campus. Sounds worse than what it is.

Coffee drinkers of the world, unite!

Rock on!

Mottled light.

When Japan meets Texas BBQ.

Standing Tall.

‘Tis the season

Promoted to blue belt just in time for bluebonnets season.

It’s a pleasure working in this wonderful building on UT campus.

Macro #2

This edit reminds me of our ‘Rotring’ sketches in architecture school.

The state of …