Photos by Pratik

2019-08-18: This pond, right in the middle of a vast caldera, was a short hike from the visitor center. We were …

2019-08-17: Evening in Santa Fe

2019-08-16: If you’re ever in Santa Fe, don’t miss visiting at least a few of the nearly 80 art galleries on …

2019-08-14: We spent the morning and early afternoon exploring the IAIA Museum of Contemporary Indian Arts and …

2019-08-13: Hey Longmire fans, does this vista look familiar? Valles Caldera, outskirts of Los Alamos.

2019-08-13: San Geronimo Church, Taos Pueblo.

2019-08-12: We visited the 1000+ year Pueblo at Taos, New Mexico today. Amazing to see adobe structures built …

2019-08-12: Poetic Threads, Santa Fe.

2019-08-11: Hello to Albuquerque from 10,500 ft above sea level at Sandia Crest. You can see for 100 miles in …

2019-08-10: This cluster of cobwebs in a tree remind me a certain X-Files episode

2019-08-08: At least the water lily in our backyard pond is enjoying this summer.

2019-08-06: Leo has found a new perch near my reading/writing nook

2019-08-05: My new reading/writing nook following a visit to Ikea.

2019-08-02: Bowling Alone and heading straight home after that.

2019-07-31: Remembering our rest stop for lunch in the Tetons on this godawful hot day in Austin.

2019-07-26: John Barry near Independence Hall, Philadelphia.

2019-07-22: It’s a peppers bonanza 🌶

2019-07-18: One of my favorite places in Reading Terminal, Philadelphia.

2019-07-16: Street mural, Philadelphia.

2019-07-14: The Philadelphia City Hall is an imposing and impressive edifice.

2019-07-13: Independence Hall as seen through the Constitution Center couple of blocks down the road.

2019-07-11: Philly is nice and all but dunno about love 😊

2019-07-07: Roaring Mountain. To be honest, more of a hissing mountain.

2019-07-05: Lamar Valley in Yellowstone is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

2019-07-03: I still can’t believe how brilliant these colors were. Grand Prismatic hot springs, Yellowstone.

2019-06-29: From atop the lower Yellowstone Falls early in the morning.

2019-06-28: Stay at least 25 yards away from a bison, they told us. I guess the bison that sauntered past our …

2019-06-26: What did the buffalo say when its calf went to college? Bison.

2019-06-24: Standing Tall. Mammoth Springs Upper Terraces, Yellowstone NP.

2019-06-22: While driving back from Lamar Valley in Yellowstone, we spotted this bear near the roadside. …

2019-06-21: We spied this little fella enjoying his dinner while floating down the Snake River at the foothills …

2019-06-20: Most national parks are proud to be called heaven on earth but I think Yellowstone is fine with some …

2019-06-19: Sky is not the limit

2019-06-18: The occasional cascades on the Yellowstone river were a welcome sight in the otherwise silent but …

2019-06-17: The oldest (and the only) Church in the Grand Teton NP

2019-06-16: The walks and the drives

2019-06-15: The granddaddy of all hot springs in Yellowstone NP - the Grand Prismatic

2019-06-14: “Baba, why is it called Yellowstone National Park?” Me: “This is why”

2019-06-13: A male elk with a head full of antlers dropped by to say hello by the roadside 🦌

2019-06-13: Evening at the Tetons

2019-06-12: We had an awesome 6+ mile hike up through the Cascade Canyon (again bear country) in Grand Tetons NP …

2019-06-12: Schwabacher’s Landing at Grand Tetons NP is one of the most serene places I’ve been to in the …

2019-06-11: Moulton Barn, America’s most photographed barn and its surroundings in the Grand Tetons valley

2019-06-11: I almost convinced my son that Old Faithful is responsible for most of the clouds in the West.

2019-06-10: Channeling my inner Ansel Adams at Grand Tetons NP

2019-06-09: It was a great day to spend in Lamar Valley, Yellowstone NP. With abundant wildlife to see and the …

2019-06-08: We arrived here yesterday and have been off the (internet) grid since then. We woke up to a snowy …

2019-06-07: Hello, Bozeman. It was pretty flying up here

2019-06-02: Firecrackers on Memorial Day.

2019-05-28: First pepper of the season 🌞🌱

2019-05-24: Promoted to red stripe (advanced blue) 🥋

2019-05-24: Steps.

2019-05-18: Wife baked this scrumptious ice cream cake for our son’s eighth birthday. Photo credit to also her.

2019-05-17: Guess how old he is today 🎉🎊🎂 Gosh, how time flies

2019-05-14: Urban forest. Actually just a pot in my backyard.

2019-05-12: Squinting in the sun

2019-05-08: Apparently the angle of those filigree screens on The National Museum of African American History …

2019-05-05: Ice cream truck

2019-05-04: Good thing about yesterday’s downpour was it was more than enough to fill up our backyard pond. The …

2019-05-01: We attended my sister-in-law’s intimate wedding with only immediate family members over the weekend …

2019-04-30: World War II Memorial, Washington DC

2019-04-29: Ionic columns or iconic columns? Actually Doric.

2019-04-28: My sister-in-law’s neighborhood in DC has this cute like cottage-like home that looks like a Hobbit …

2019-04-27: It’s a glorious day to be in DC

2019-04-26: The Contemplation Court in the African-American Museum, Washington DC.

2019-04-25: Morning at the airport.

2019-04-24: Standing Tall

2019-04-22: It’s evening in America.

2019-04-20: Wheeee!

2019-04-18: Water’s so still you can see the plants inside.

2019-04-17: One of the best looking and tasting dishes at Pitchfork Pretty, Austin. Red snapper with wintered …

2019-04-16: Pitchfork Pretty Restaurant, Austin.

2019-04-14: Refreshing!

2019-04-13: It’s a wet day for an elementary school carnival day but the skies are clearing up quickly.

2019-04-11: Let’s go exploring. Hiking at Camp Moody, Buda.

2019-04-10: Hard to believe that we had to sit around a fire less than two weeks ago to feel comfortable and …

2019-04-08: Brutalist architecture, UT Austin campus. Sounds worse than what it is.

2019-04-06: Coffee drinkers of the world, unite!

2019-04-04: Rock on!

2019-04-03: Mottled light.

2019-03-26: When Japan meets Texas BBQ.

2019-03-23: Standing Tall.

2019-03-19: ‘Tis the season

2019-03-16: Promoted to blue belt just in time for bluebonnets season.

2019-03-08: It’s a pleasure working in this wonderful building on UT campus.

2019-03-01: Macro #2

2019-02-27: This edit reminds me of our ‘Rotring’ sketches in architecture school.

2019-02-22: The state of …

2019-02-17: Yes, she’s still enjoying her Sunday sunspots.

2019-02-15: That’s how they grow tongues 😝

2019-02-12: Stepped architecture

2019-02-06: Blue door.

2019-01-30: The Ellsworth Kelly installation on UT Austin Campus.

2019-01-26: Apparently Austin’s largest mural. Well, it does brighten up an otherwise drab parking garage.

2019-01-23: He loves being groomed.

2019-01-21: More jenga.

2019-01-17: As soon as I step out of my office building. Nice day, no?

2019-01-15: O Earth what changes hast thou seen.

2019-01-13: Day & Night.

2019-01-11: I had to turn down saturation to make the sky look believable 😏

2019-01-10: The Ellsworth Kelly installation on UT Austin Campus.

2019-01-09: Not a selfie.

2019-01-08: Lou Neff Point.

2019-01-06: Winter sun.

2019-01-04: Bridge.

2018-12-29: Free hugs!

2018-12-28: Austin’s famed jenga tower.

2018-12-23: Fall in December. That’s Texas for you.

2018-12-21: Relaxed but listening.

2018-12-19: UT Tower from down below.

2018-12-15: Duchess of Kent.

2018-12-13: Wind-swept but a glorious sunny day today.

2018-12-11: Morning.

2018-12-05: Another view from my walk to work this morning.

2018-12-04: One of the perks of now working on campus is spotting interesting corners. I’ll crib about the …

2018-12-01: You know what? You too enjoy this beautiful day on that chair. I’ll take the other one.

2018-11-29: To new beginnings.

2018-11-26: Austin Central Public Library.

2018-11-25: View from the top. All lines and circles.

2018-11-24: We don’t really have a fall in Texas but sunsets are pretty year round.

2018-11-19: Austin Central Public Library Rooftop Garden.

2018-11-04: Sunday.

2018-11-03: It’s been a wonderful fall day in Austin and we’ve spent hours in the backyard just staring at the …

2018-10-28: Sunday fall mornings in Texas are the best.

2018-10-27: The Day of the Dead parade in Austin.

2018-10-27: The Day of the Dead parade in Austin.

2018-10-23: Westward ho! Eastward नाही .

2018-10-22: Playing in the straw tepee at Wildflower Center’s Fortlandia installation on a beautiful Sunday …

2018-10-21: A straw fort for the kids on a glorious fall day.

2018-10-20: For some reason she always sits by the oven when we cook even on the hottest of the days. Maybe her …

2018-10-19: Soon.

2018-10-13: There are few joys in life. Riding your bike in the rain is one of them 🌧 🚴

2018-10-11: Do you think North Korea has a similar bust of our Dear Leader?

2018-10-10: The business end of the space shuttle ‘Independence’ at NASA.

2018-10-09: Galveston

2018-10-08: Tilted horizon.

2018-10-07: Galveston Beach

2018-10-06: Two golds one silver at the World Kuk Sool Won Tournament 🙌🏽💪🏽

2018-10-02: It’s a wonder what a little rain over a few weeks can do.

2018-09-30: The twist in the track.

2018-09-23: A nice ambiance for dinner & conversation.

2018-09-22: Drive into the sunset

2018-09-20: This lovely girl has been with us for 10 years now (12 years old tho). She’s lived in 5 different …

2018-09-18: Dinner.

2018-09-13: One more in what I call my series - The skies of Texas are upon you.

2018-09-06: Rose by any other name.

2018-09-04: Official end of summer and just before rains greeted the start of fall.

2018-09-01: Oregon Coast

2018-09-01: Oregon Coast

2018-08-29: This is the current lock screen photo on my iPad. #Portland #japanesegarden #WashingtonPark

2018-08-28: Japanese Garden, Portland.

2018-08-28: Japanese Garden, Portland.

2018-08-27: Japanese Garden, Portland.

2018-08-27: Japanese Garden, Portland.

2018-08-26: The Oregon Health & Science University truly has a great location and with a free aerial tram …

2018-08-25: We were big fans of the TV show ‘Grimm’. It was based in Portland and was a fantasy-based detective …

2018-08-24: Keep Calm and Cairns On.

2018-08-23: Oregon Coast

2018-08-22: Whenever you come across a giant Seqoia tree, never forget to stop and pay your respects.

2018-08-21: When the fog lifts, you can miles of the Oregon Coast including all the ‘haystack’ rocks that dot …

2018-08-19: The Oregon Coast is a geologist’s dream vacation. But this particular spot at ShoreAcres State Park …

2018-08-19: The house with a view. And apparently also above the tsunami line.

2018-08-18: When the fog lifted, the sunsets were spectacular on the Oregon Coast; being the west coast and all …

2018-08-18: It’s like a giant muddy slide into the ocean. Not recommended unless you wanna be tossed against the …

2018-08-17: This is one of my favorite photos from our trip. It looks like a walk in the park but it was a …

2018-08-16: Although we wished the fog would lift so we could enjoy the vistas, we came to love it. The fog …

2018-08-15: This is a view from the Heceta Lighthouse or rather from the lighthouse keeper’s mansion. Now that’s …

2018-08-15: Oregon Coast

2018-08-15: Devil’s Punchbowl.

2018-08-15: Oregon Coast.

2018-08-14: One of the coolest things about Oregon is dense rainforest-like woods mere feet away from the ocean. …

2018-08-14: Selfie time. Look closely to spot it. This Uluru-like (some Australians may call it Ayers Rock) …

2018-08-13: Kiwanda Dunes.

2018-08-13: Kiwanda Dunes.

2018-08-13: I love lighthouses. There’s something calming about them. Maybe it’s the standing in silence …

2018-08-12: Mussels.

2018-08-12: Alone on the coast.

2018-08-12: It always starts as a wet morning on the Oregon Coast before the sun rises above the hills and melts …

2018-08-12: Foggy but when the sun breaks out, it’s glorious. Some brave souls venture out to the cold sea …

2018-08-11: Foggy. Cold. Ruggedly beautiful.

2018-08-11: Next 4 days, we spend driving along the Oregon Coast. Our first sight of the Pacific Ocean and the …

2018-08-11: Interspersed with several squares and green belts, Portland is a much dense residential and …

2018-08-10: Portland aerial view.

2018-08-05: Do you know what time it is?

2018-07-28: It’s just its skin, people!

2018-07-22: It has been a brutally hot day and it’s going to be hotter tomorrow. We had to step out of the house …

2018-07-18: Flying home.

2018-07-17: From the Potomac.

2018-07-16: I’m on a boat. On the Potomac.

2018-07-08: The Great Hall bathed in morning light.

2018-07-05: Not your typical hole-in-a-wall ice cream place.

2018-07-04: If he rides down that hallway, he sees twin girls.

2018-07-03: That’s one heck of a mural.

2018-06-25: A mouthful of sky

2018-06-21: Driving my OCD brain mad that if I straighten the roof line, the vertical gets crooked.

2018-06-16: A yellow belt now 🙌🏽 .

2018-06-10: Play ball! No, wait! Wrong sport.

2018-06-06: Golden hour.

2018-06-05: Convergence.

2018-06-03: Paper cranes.

2018-06-02: In & Out.

2018-06-01: The Wildflower Center

2018-06-01: The Wildflower Center

2018-06-01: The Wildflower Center

2018-06-01: It’s butterfly season at The Wildflower Center. Or seems like it always is. 🦋

2018-05-31: Tujhe dekha toh yeh jaana sanam 🎼🎶 😝

2018-05-31: Everything’s abloom in The Wildflower Center.

2018-05-25: On our morning walk.

2018-05-23: Wildflowers

2018-05-22: Up, up, and away

2018-05-21: Not snow

2018-05-18: Bring it on, Texas summer

2018-05-17: 7th birthday. 🦖🎂

2018-05-12: Spring time baseball on a glorious Saturday morning. Yup, he’s a southpaw

2018-04-29: From my dad’s stamps collection that he handed over to me today. Yes, it was called Ceylon back …

2018-04-26: Abandoned Blonde.

2018-04-20: Chilling on a Friday.

2018-04-19: Art under the freeway graffiti.

2018-04-14: Carnival Time.

2018-04-10: In our vet’s exam room. Even for weird Austin, this is a bit too much. And $875!!! I might just pay …

2018-04-09: New dobok with Kuk Sool Won patches.

2018-03-28: Yup, this is downtown Austin.

2018-03-26: Austin Central Public Library.

2018-03-25: Austin Central Public Library.

2018-03-24: Hanging out in the backyard. Love our live oaks.

2018-03-22: Hopscotch on the driveway on a great Texas spring evening

2018-03-20: Pedernales State Park.

2018-03-19: Giant fossilized creature?

2018-03-18: Clear green waters. Maybe there’s a secret underwater world in there?

2018-03-17: One of the prettier state parks in Texas. It’s only 40 mins away from our home but it took us 7 …

2018-03-15: Neighborhood watch.

2018-02-25: The peak is called Manly Beacon. No, really 😝 The entire landscape has been 50 shades of brown; like …

2018-02-23: The swirl in the sky.

2018-02-22: This particular point is titled Artists Palette and it gets more ‘artisty’ as the sun goes down.

2018-02-21: Now this is the mothership that’s called the Ubehebe Crater. You can hike all around it and it’s …

2018-02-19: The delightfully named Ubehebe Crater area is one of amazing vistas I’ve seen. Pictured above are …

2018-02-18: Known as the Red Cathedrals, they stand as a stark contrast to the surrounding mountains. It’s the …

2018-02-16: Let’s see if he can make it all the way to Badwater Basin. Details at 11.

2018-02-15: Death Valley hike

2018-02-15: Death Valley hike

2018-02-14: Badwater Basin salts.

2018-02-13: Death Valley sand dunes

2018-02-12: Death Valley hike

2018-02-11: Death Valley.

2018-02-10: Death Valley

2018-02-10: Death Valley.

2018-02-09: Death Valley store

2018-02-09: Death Valley hike.

2018-02-07: The Venetian, Las Vegas.

2018-02-07: The Bellagio Fountains.

2018-02-06: The Venetian indoors. Near Buchon.

2018-02-04: If I didn’t know better and if it wasn’t for that body of water, I would’ve thought I’m flying over …

2018-02-03: You cannot take a bad picture of Lucy. And she knows it.

2018-01-30: The roof garden atop the Austin Central Library

2018-01-29: Light.

2018-01-28: The roof garden atop the Austin Central Library

2018-01-28: Austin Central Library.

2018-01-27: Butterflies!

2018-01-15: Winter is coming…

2018-01-11: The forest indoors.

2018-01-07: Colorful brunch time.

2018-01-02: You know it’s cold in Texas when…

2017-12-29: Mural of a building on a building 🤣

2017-12-24: Aria, Las Vegas.

2017-12-23: Bellagio’s old world charm against the modern sleek look of the Cosmopolitan and Aria. Interesting …

2017-12-22: The gondolas at the Venetian.

2017-12-22: The false sky at the Venetian.

2017-12-21: View of the mountains around #LasVegas from the Tower Suites bedroom at the #Aria

2017-12-21: Bellagio exhibit.

2017-12-20: Bardot.

2017-12-20: Aria lobby during Christmas.

2017-12-20: In Vegas for our tenth wedding anniversary. It’s cold here 🌬

2017-12-19: Early anniversary gift from the wife. I’m set for the next ten years.

2017-12-16: Colorful home in Austin.

2017-12-09: A temporary inconvenience.

2017-12-08: Snow + lights = winter wonderland even if it lasted for less than a day.

2017-12-07: Snow in Austin when we still have green foliage on our trees gives it a very Van Gogh look.

2017-11-28: She just likes to sit in the middle of the yard as if she’s surveying the savanna.

2017-11-25: Rear Window. Or rather door.

2017-11-19: Y’all have pretty yellow-orange leaves but fall in Texas is pretty nice too

2017-11-11: On dark dreary days.

2017-11-04: Untitled portrait.

2017-11-03: Welcome to Austin’s gigantic USB flash drive

2017-10-29: Day of the Dead.

2017-10-28: Parade time in Austin on Viva La Vida.

2017-10-27: In a sea of Harry Potters, the Fly Guy stands alone.

2017-10-22: Pumpkin picking, corn maze, and hay rides. The things you do in a Texas fall.

2017-10-17: Not much of fall in Austin but sitting under a large live oak has its pleasures.

2017-10-07: Crazy about football. Hope not enough to play it. 🏈 (edited in Prisma)

2017-10-03: It’s hard to take a bad photo of this girl. Shot by my wife.

2017-10-01: Hey Leo, that’s a great pos…SQUIRREL!

2017-09-26: Cooling off.

2017-09-25: The iPhone portrait setting works on Lucy too. Mostly coz she sits still while posing. Leo is a …

2017-09-22: iPhone 8 Plus Stage Light Mono setting. Straight from the camera with no editing. Shot in our …

2017-09-19: Nopales, kurogama, dino kale, dried hon shimeji at Otoko.

2017-09-17: Shigoku Oyster, yuzu ponzu, smoked steelhead roe at Otoko. 🤤

2017-09-16: Serendipitous meeting with a friend at a local park. The huge live oaks give plenty to play on.

2017-09-15: Gun Free UT. A fervent wish from an university that has seen the horrors of gun violence.

2017-09-05: Watching ‘Grand Designs’ on Netflix is my latest thing.

2017-08-26: That kinda day.

2017-08-25: Hurricane Harvey is far away near Corpus Christi but skies are looking ominous over #Austin.

2017-08-14: At some places, selfies aren’t even considered. The camera faces the ‘right’ way …

2017-08-10: No points for guessing which city.

2017-08-08: Our last look at the Yosemite valley as we headed home 😕It’s the last turnout on the valley …

2017-08-07: Yosemite National Park.

2017-08-05: Yosemite Falls.

2017-08-03: I’ve shared a photo of Vernal Falls before but allow me to revel in the joy that you can now …

2017-08-02: A walk in the woods. The best way to experience Yosemite National Park is on foot and often the …

2017-07-31: El Capitan in its full glory. The first photo I posted was obscured by the smoke haze but by day 3, …

2017-07-30: This was our first stop at Yosemite National Park and it was our first time seeing giant seqouia …

2017-07-29: This photo, for me, captures several highlights of Yosemite National Park. The imposing granite …

2017-07-28: The famed Tunnel View at Yosemite finally revealed to us on the day before we left. This is the …

2017-07-27: Nothing feels better than soaking your feet in icy cold waters of Lake Tenaya after two days of …

2017-07-26: Yosemite National Park Lodge

2017-07-24: The mighty & the dangerous Vernal Falls. Scores of people have lost their lives by trying to …

2017-07-22: The famed tunnel view but from Glacier Point thanks to the haze that rolls in later in the day. We …

2017-07-22: It’s morning in America. Yosemite Valley early in the morning. A deer and her fawn crosses …

2017-07-21: Worth the six hour hike to get atop Sentinel Dome at more than 8,000 ft above sea level for a …

2017-07-21: Haze? What haze? Hiking from Taft Point to Sentinel Dome; a moderate 2.5 mile but very steep in …

2017-07-20: Lower Yosemite Falls. The haze lifted a bit in the late evening. This spot was a mere 5 mins from …

2017-07-19: Not a good sign when you see this before entering the country’s premier national park. But it …

2017-07-19: Every turn of your way there presents a new view. You’ve to physically stop yourself from …

2017-07-18: Love is all around you 🎶

2017-07-17: Taking the ‘green’ building a tad too seriously.

2017-07-16: Hear Different.

2017-07-10: Door knob at the Texas Capitol.

2017-07-09: Levels at the Texas Capitol.

2017-07-07: On the edge of the universe.

2017-07-06: The Lone Star.

2017-07-05: The star of Texas is upon you

2017-07-03: “It was a dark & stormy night” Reading Enid Blyton.

2017-07-02: It’s as if the window sill was built for him.

2017-07-01: Now that we got the live oak in our backyard trimmed, we can see more of the sky. The squirrels, …

2017-06-16: Fresh from her grooming.

2017-06-14: Wildflower Center, Austin.

2017-06-13: Warm but cloudy & breezy. Last look at the beach.

2017-06-12: Don’t build on a barrier island and definitely not on the sand dunes, they said. But hey, it …

2017-06-11: Walking the causeway before a storm.

2017-06-10: Miles and miles of sand & sun.

2017-06-09: Art Museum, Corpus Christi.

2017-06-09: Dinner time

2017-06-08: Passable food. Great view. Corpus Christi, Texas.

2017-06-07: Pelican in the foreground. Catamaran in the background. With the occasional cargo ship going by. Sea …

2017-06-06: Sunset at Port Aransas, Texas

2017-06-06: Island time at Padre Island beach, Texas

2017-06-06: Ready to ride into the storm. Cue Top Gun music.

2017-06-03: The Giving Tree

2017-05-29: Yum!

2017-05-28: The Kreuz Triangle.

2017-05-20: The pond is starting to look good once again.

2017-05-16: Track & field day is more fun & colorful when you’re in kindergarten

2017-05-15: New acquisition for the backyard garden.

2017-05-13: Never gets old.

2017-05-06: Only when you attend a conference here, do you realize it’s at the biggest convention center …

2017-05-03: Like a painting.

2017-04-30: By the river.

2017-04-30: Light at the end of the tower.

2017-04-28: Republic of Texas

2017-04-28: Never been up there but I dunno if anyone in San Antonio has either coz no one ever talks about it.

2017-04-27: Dinner alone here during a conference (AERA).

2017-04-23: Hail Hydrant

2017-04-12: My new  Watch charger.

2017-04-05: Over the edge. Edited in Prisma

2017-04-04: Arch.

2017-04-02: Addition to the backyard (hint: it’s not the dog)

2017-03-31: Imagining a rainforest in Austin. Playing with double exposures in Snapseed.

2017-03-25: The West begins here.

2017-03-21: Monkeying around at Austin’s Wildflower Center. Given how accident-prone he is, surprised he …

2017-03-18: It’s #spring time!

2017-03-08: And all’s well in Lucy world. The infernal cone is now off.

2017-02-27: Hello Clarice.

2017-02-24: Yeah, she’s doing fine now.

2017-02-23: Candy sticks sculpture.

2017-02-20: My last New York City share. Until next time, Big 🍎

2017-02-18: Intermission at last night’s Pixar in Concert at the Austin Symphony.

2017-02-17: Apparently 860 Wash is supposed to be Tesla Motors HQ.

2017-02-15: Rear Window.

2017-02-14: ❤️ New York City

2017-02-13: Always a pleasure volunteering with Little Helping Hands, Texas.

2017-02-12: Calder.

2017-02-11: Almost magical. Lincoln Center, NYC.

2017-02-10: The kid loves his fancy dinner

2017-02-10: Hearst Plaza. Lincoln Center, NYC.

2017-02-09: Reds & the green of the line. HighLine, NYC

2017-02-08: Leave the city behind and walk thru the park. Central Park, NYC

2017-02-08: Stacked at work, New York City

2017-02-07: Putin America First.

2017-02-06: End of the line, HighLine, NYC.

2017-02-05: One of my favorite buildings as seen from Bryant Park (Chrysler building)

2017-02-05: Today’s breakfast was New York but cream cheese was Philadelphia 😐

2017-02-04: Num Pang at Chelsea Market, NYC.

2017-02-01: Yes, we can?

2017-01-29: Refraction (edited in Prisma)

2017-01-23: No matter if you agree with what goes on inside, it still is a gorgeous building.

2017-01-22: Austin made its voice heard.

2017-01-21: Women lead the Resistance.

2017-01-20: Hot dawg

2017-01-14: You suc-culent!

2017-01-12: Supergirl

2017-01-10: The 🌙 in the evening sky.

2017-01-08: Bare Winter (edited in Prisma)

2017-01-05: Waves in the sky (edited in Prisma)

2017-01-04: Six sunbathers 🌞🐢

2017-01-03: Red on blue.

2017-01-02: Arching over the river.

2017-01-01: Austin is one of the best downtowns if you like your nature trails

2016-12-31: Spot the plane.

2016-12-30: Murals where your heart pleases

2016-12-27: Graffiti wall…or floor.

2016-12-27: Austin’s graffiti park

2016-12-22: Petsitting this basketcase

2016-12-13: Taking a break from cycling on giant oaks

2016-12-02: ‘Tis the season to say ‘tis

2016-11-28: Presidential pens used by LBJ for legislation ranging from Civil Rights to Medicare.

2016-11-27: Four floors of Presidential archives containing more than 45 million pages, an extensive audiovisual …

2016-11-26: Ironically the other BBQ place in Lockhart is called Blacks’

2016-11-05: Raise the roof

2016-10-29: Day of the 💀 parade (Dia de Muertos)

2016-10-21: A Texan winestopper

2016-10-19: It me!

2016-10-17: Don’t kiss this frog

2016-10-13: Got these as part of the Edward Tufte workshop.

2016-10-09: Cottage Brewery

2016-10-08: Catch me if you ca…never mind.

2016-09-30: The other day I was walki….SQUIRREL!

2016-09-11: Finally giving into Prisma.

2016-09-03: Evening

2016-08-19: Main Street

2016-08-19: Shadow of the sign.

2016-08-18: The ⛈is killing our crepe myrtle 🌸🌸

2016-07-31: Texas summer

2016-07-30: As a Punjabi would say it, it looks so radish 😊

2016-07-27: On the way home after a much needed haircut

2016-07-03: Long weekend

2016-06-19: We tried looking for her…

2016-06-17: Twins at home.

2016-05-30: Summer picnic

2016-05-29: Paddle boarding

2016-05-29: The pool is closed except for couple of ducks

2016-05-27: Friday workplace

2016-05-21: Psychedelic ceiling

2016-05-20: Faux Paris

2016-05-19: Lake Mead topographic details

2016-05-18: The ‘sky’ is the best part about the Venetian.

2016-05-17: Somewhere on Route 66.

2016-05-16: Room with a view

2016-05-16: Desert View Tower

2016-05-15: The ceiling at the Venetian is glorious.

2016-05-03: I’m dot and feather.

2016-04-27: Reflection.

2016-04-23: Arches.

2016-04-22: Friday

2016-04-20: The atrium of this museum is a wondrous space

2016-04-20: Farewell D.C.

2016-04-19: Ionic columns at the grand architect’s memorial.

2016-04-19: Great day to be at the Mall.

2016-04-19: Standing tall

2016-04-18: Designing for the Native American heritage

2016-04-18: Catching them young.

2016-04-17: DC still seems to have cherry blossoms

2016-04-07: It’s finally spring in our pond.

2016-04-02: Out for a walk among the bluebonnets in Texas

2016-03-26: Find me!

2016-03-06: Austin Kite Festival

2016-02-24: 🎶Phoolon ka taaron ka sab ka kehna hai🎶

2016-02-07: Recharging. Bicycling is hard work.

2016-01-31: Kitchen confidential at Nawlins

2016-01-27: Only in Texas

2016-01-17: Skies are to me what food is to most Instagrammers

2016-01-04: Kayaking in January.

2015-12-22: Not Awaken Yet. We still have to get him to watch the earlier ones. We saw IV and V over the …

2015-12-20: This is where West Texas begins.

2015-12-19: Not Tatooine.

2015-12-19: Top of Central Texas

2015-12-18: Entrance to Austin’s traditional holiday Trail of Lights

2015-12-05: Hey, Willie

2015-11-27: Pinecone corolla

2015-11-23: Fly to the light.

2015-11-22: Stacked Waters installation

2015-11-11: Evening soccer

2015-11-01: Shadows.

2015-10-25: Bridge over the falls in Smokies

2015-10-22: Even a simple bridge looks beautiful this time of the year in the Smokies

2015-10-21: Random century-old wooden cabins in middle of the Smokies

2015-10-21: Mottled light all long the trail at Smokies

2015-10-21: Crazy colors as far as the eye can see at Smokies

2015-10-21: Gov. Sanford was not here. 🎶 Don’t Cry for me, Argentina🎶

2015-10-20: Like driving, fall hiking is fun too.

2015-10-19: Leaving on a jet plane

2015-10-13: He’s not too good at hide-n-seek

2015-10-10: I said, “Hey, what’s up!”

2015-10-05: Lego-ing in the backyard with Legos from my childhood. These pieces are at least 25 years old.

2015-10-02: Thanks to Chef Guarnaschelli, enjoying blackened salmon with sides of baked sweet potato drizzled …

2015-09-29: A mural and its muse.

2015-09-27: The USB Flashdrive Building

2015-09-27: Dirty dog!

2015-09-25: Canopy in the backyard

2015-09-07: The armadillo welcomes you

2015-08-29: Just hanging out

2015-08-18: This high school is doing it right! GEAR UP

2015-08-17: That tower at UT Austin

2015-08-16: Austin’s new boardwalk makes for a great evening stroll along the Lady Bird Lake especially at …

2015-08-15: Pehla Nasha!

2015-08-08: Austin’s iconic 360 Bridge

2015-07-25: Alcatraz at sunset San Francisco

2015-07-25: Coit Tower and the TransAmerica Building, as seen off Pier 39 San Francisco

2015-07-23: Coit Tower San Francisco

2015-07-22: The eye? San Francisco

2015-07-22: Vesuvio mural in San Francisco

2015-07-21: Evening in San Francisco

2015-07-20: The slopes of San Francisco

2015-07-19: It’s even more beautiful from up close.

2015-07-19: The Gate

2015-07-17: Beautiful evening in downtown.

2015-07-11: Pet-sitting our foster dog, Leo. We need a bigger car. Wanna adopt him?

2015-07-08: #Austin is where you can buy #boots from a “rickshaw”. It’s really a trailer.

2015-07-07: Trailer Food Tuesdays. Long lines but totally worth it.

2015-07-03: Best use of a dead tree

2015-07-03: Totem stones

2015-07-02: Instagram-ing your meal is the atheist equivalent of saying grace.

2015-07-01: Same Sex Marriage celebration.

2015-07-01: Don’t scoot away!

2015-06-28: Fried egg and bacon sando on a naan croissant

2015-06-24: School’s out (Lubbock)

2015-06-11: View from City Hall

2015-06-07: Awesome atrium floor mural.

2015-06-07: Capitol

2015-06-04: Beautiful beautiful brisket

2015-06-02: Whirlpool creek

2015-06-01: Spicy chicken liver masala

2015-05-31: Gushing streams. A welcome sight for Texas

2015-05-30: Old with the new.

2015-05-28: Escape

2015-05-27: The UT Tower

2015-05-26: Gregory on UT Austin campus

2015-05-25: The sky is all kinda weird now. It’s almost like living in all Instagram filters at the same …

2015-05-24: Farewell, O’ship

2015-05-23: Not my kitchen garden although I wish it was. Processed using #priime

2015-05-22: Drive

2015-05-17: 🎶 Lord, I’m one, Lord, I’m two, Lord, I’m three, Lord, I’m four Lord, …

2015-05-16: Standing tall

2015-05-15: Sunset on a barrier island

2015-05-15: Across.

2015-05-15: Museum cafes have a certain charm about them.

2015-05-14: When will the rain stop?

2015-05-13: Sunset thru the oaks

2015-05-12: Raw peaches

2015-05-12: Waiting at a light in spring.

2015-05-11: Shaded by the live oak

2015-05-09: The perfect pork chops?

2015-05-09: Beautiful day to be outside.

2015-05-07: The view as I looked up from my laptop.

2015-05-07: Not a bad place to ‘work from home’, right?

2015-05-03: Nice day to be amidst art

2015-05-01: Continuing our Greek week with grilled Branzini

2015-05-01: It’s Greek week at Central Market.

2015-04-26: I love live oak trees

2015-04-26: The Austin Civic Wind Ensemble

2015-04-25: Taken over.

2015-04-24: Come at me, bro

2015-04-22: Getting that scooter ride in before it gets dark

2015-04-21: Storm is coming!

2015-04-20: Yes, Austin is weird.

2015-04-19: E.T. went home

2015-04-15: Love spring evenings

2015-04-12: Green mail

2015-04-10: Free

2015-04-09: Down the mirror creek

2015-04-07: Up close.

2015-04-07: Great weather continues

2015-04-06: They don’t let you live in Central Texas unless you post a picture of this every year …

2015-04-05: Retired tractor

2015-04-04: Steak with shiitake mushrooms tossed in chimichuri

2015-04-03: BBQ smoke pit

2015-03-29: Smoking grill and fresh young leaves. Can’t get any more spring than this.

2015-03-28: It’s a dog’s life.

2015-03-22: Madhouse at Domain 2

2015-03-21: Artichokes

2015-03-17: Up on the hill.

2015-03-16: Soccer fields.

2015-03-15: Those live oaks.

2015-03-15: The wormhole to the other side of the universe.

2015-03-14: White snow or Snow White’s dwarf?

2015-03-14: Rainbow discussion platform, it seems.

2015-03-09: Charles Best of DonorsChoose kicking off @SXSWedu

2015-03-09: Punched my Indian card this weekend. Just for Holi though.

2015-03-07: Celebrating Holi in Austin

2015-03-01: Braised short ribs (Cooking Experiments)

2015-02-28: United Colors of Cauliflower

2015-02-14: A glorious Austin day

2015-02-14: Fresh and colorful

2015-02-12: Cast iron skillet steak

2015-02-11: Lovely and vibrant street market right in the heart of Philadelphia

2015-02-11: Liberty. Ghantaa!

2015-02-10: Please specify.

2015-02-09: A cold evening at the Philly waterfront

2015-02-08: Getting a taste of Philly breweries with Curious Gawker

2015-01-18: Out in the woods

2014-12-30: Brothers

2014-12-27: Chilling out with his uncle on a glorious Christmas afternoon

2014-12-27: Austin downtown

2014-12-26: Not Windows XP.

2014-12-25: Beautiful Christmas afternoon

2014-12-25: The birthday boy (not Jesus)

2014-12-22: Christmas lights.

2014-12-19: Cupcakes!

2014-12-18: Eyes of Texas are upon you.

2014-12-11: Prairie view

2014-12-05: One of fave ornaments.

2014-11-27: Idyllic public library

2014-11-13: Thru the leaves.

2014-11-02: Dumbo and Cat in the Hat swapping the loot

2014-10-26: The Lego portals

2014-10-23: Style mein sone ka.

2014-10-20: The best pastrami I’ve had

2014-09-28: …where the lion sleeps tonight 🎶

2014-09-21: Scavenger hunting the bronze animal statues

2014-09-12: In the lion’s…err…bull’s den.

2014-08-30: Cooling off

2014-08-11: Cold front in August.

2014-08-06: Confidence.

2014-08-04: Believe it or not, that’s just its shell left behind. #summer

2014-07-26: Learning to wear socks

2014-07-24: Eclectic chairs at BarMini

2014-07-23: Under that famous portico

2014-07-22: Cedar and Agave

2014-07-21: Didn’t know FDR had a Westie.

2014-07-20: The shining light among Presidents

2014-07-20: King.

2014-07-20: Obligatory photo in DC

2014-07-19: Southwest

2014-07-17: Spiral playground

2014-07-15: Browns and greens

2014-07-14: View from the boat

2014-07-11: The playground

2014-06-27: Sit a while

2014-06-26: Environment

2014-06-25: Also available in other colors

2014-06-21: Urban oasis.

2014-06-21: It’s summer

2014-06-20: Curved toward the storm

2014-06-14: These aren’t the droids you are looking for.

2014-06-08: Lovely Evening at Zilker Park

2014-06-08: Back at Zilker

2014-06-04: Using all possible settings from the new Instagram.

2014-06-03: All Electric

2014-05-31: Sunset at Lake Austin


2014-05-30: Kids favorite spot

2014-05-25: Been this way all weekend.

2014-05-24: Camping in the backyard

2014-05-03: This Texas summer I don’t mind

2014-04-26: “Come on over, let’s hang out”

2014-04-18: Spending Good Friday among the fossils.

2014-04-16: Chilled out

2014-04-13: Beautiful day trip in midst of a hectic work week

2014-04-12: Waiting for lunch on a Saturday morning

2014-04-06: Metal cutouts

2014-04-05: The innards.

2014-04-05: Red vintage

2014-04-05: Lonestar Rod and Custom Vintage Car Show

2014-04-02: A messy study is better than no study

2014-03-31: In a 100+- year house in West Texas

2014-03-29: Cue Walking Dead title credits soundtrack

2014-03-28: Chair & Shadows

2014-03-26: All natural and native

2014-03-23: Don’t Walk

2014-03-20: So dandy

2014-03-01: The live oaks are shedding leaves now

2014-02-22: Mail-order coffee sampler pack from Driftaway

2014-02-18: “I hear India needs help in Kiwi-land”

2014-02-17: That kinda evening

2014-02-08: Selfie

2014-02-06: Talk about snagging an excellent vantage point

2014-02-05: Fly me home

2014-02-05: Balloon!

2014-02-04: Orlando from the skies

2014-02-03: The skies seem to be big here too but the ground’s a little swampy, Florida.

2014-01-25: The crumbling tower

2014-01-25: The floating bench?

2014-01-22: This new Roomba looks like Batman

2014-01-21: It’s nice out here even in the dry winter months

2014-01-20: Atop Mt.Bonnell looking down on the homes of the 1%

2014-01-15: The ceiling at Cabo Bob’s

2014-01-12: Under MoPac, Austin

2014-01-11: Smoke and the sun. Firing up the grill in January.

2014-01-11: Soon after that insane freeze here.

2014-01-04: A great end to a glorious day

2013-12-28: Glassbottom tours in Central Texas.

2013-12-24: Soon.

2013-12-21: Anniversary dinner

2013-12-13: One of neighbors went all out. Apparently they do every year and we’re told they’re not …

2013-12-04: The force is strong with these ones

2013-12-01: Time for dinner

2013-11-30: That’s a happy water tower.

2013-11-28: Thanksgiving isn’t even over yet


2013-11-25: Protecting the Temple of Doom

2013-11-23: Not exactly Red John

2013-11-22: One of those rare days in Texas.

2013-11-13: Finally got the plant (curry leaves)

2013-11-10: A sea of cranberries

2013-11-08: Halloween at the zoo

2013-11-03: Atrium

2013-11-02: Tree carousel

2013-10-31: Sully!

2013-10-30: Austin City Hall

2013-10-23: These fuckers are eating my corn plants. What are they?

2013-10-20: Sunday morning

2013-10-08: The curved building

2013-10-06: The last of the fall pictures here. I’m gonna miss seeing a photo-worthy moment around each …

2013-10-06: We honor the fallen.

2013-10-06: The ‘more’ scenic falls trail in Ithaca.

2013-10-05: The highest falls in New York

2013-10-05: Driving thru fall colors.

2013-10-04: Waiting for Paula Poundstone. So far it’s just us.

2013-10-04: Turn right

2013-10-04: Weeping Willows along the lakefront

2013-10-04: Enjoying the fall as you should

2013-10-03: Ithaca Falls

2013-10-03: Cornell, I know you’re an Ivy League university but I think the real reason is you can’t …

2013-10-03: Cornell

2013-10-03: Green pathway along Beebe Lake, Ithaca

2013-10-03: Mottled light on a glorious day

2013-10-03: View of the Cayuga Lake

2013-10-01: Shaded playscape

2013-09-28: Rear Window

2013-09-26: Rays

2013-09-25: Soccer fields

2013-09-23: Testing the iPhone 5s f/2.2

2013-09-22: YEAAAAH!

2013-09-21: Foliage

2013-09-21: Trees and the interstate.

2013-09-20: The lone light

2013-09-16: UFO?

2013-09-02: Where were these guys when I was growing up?

2013-09-02: Apt for photo #600, right?

2013-09-01: Diamonds on the water.

2013-09-01: Cooling off

2013-08-29: Cupcakes!

2013-08-28: Volleyball Court

2013-08-20: Beam me down, Scotty!

2013-08-19: Love this place. Bright & colorful.

2013-08-17: Downtown canoeing

2013-08-13: Life from death

2013-08-11: Coffee and a teapot

2013-08-07: Broccoflower? How do I know it’s not cauliflower with a fungus?

2013-07-28: Bench with a view

2013-07-27: Rusty barrel

2013-07-25: Swim lessons

2013-07-25: For Don Draper

2013-07-24: The lifeguard

2013-07-22: Greenhouse

2013-07-20: Evenings

2013-07-20: Afternoons

2013-07-19: So slow

2013-07-18: Bug

2013-07-18: Pitcher Plant

2013-07-15: View from the 17th floor

2013-07-14: Urban color chaos

2013-07-13: Fisherman’s Wharf

2013-07-06: Austin’s version of a beach (works for us)

2013-07-06: View from Mt.Bonnell, Austin

2013-07-06: My next home (in my dreams)

2013-06-30: A welcome sight after an especially hot day. Except we’re moving.

2013-06-29: Looks like Lucy found her spot

2013-06-20: Dragon fruit martini

2013-06-08: Beautiful church courtyard

2013-06-07: Evening light

2013-05-26: Austin downtown

2013-05-25: Cloudy reflections

2013-05-25: Bridge over the River Colorado

2013-05-22: UT Tower, Austin

2013-05-21: On UT Austin campus

2013-05-19: Enjoying the lake view

2013-05-18: Thai Restaurant Ceiling

2013-05-15: Mozart’s at Lake Austin

2013-05-14: Out for a walk.

2013-05-12: Gazebo.

2013-05-08: Skies of Texas

2013-05-05: It’s a beautiful day

2013-04-29: If you don’t use the nostalgia filter for this, then what do you use it for?

2013-04-28: Vintage Cars, College Station

2013-04-27: Stormy skies and dead trees

2013-04-15: Towards the sunset

2013-04-14: Not a Japanese print (Grunge filter)

2013-04-14: Run! Run! Run like the wind

2013-04-01: Ground cover

2013-04-01: Spring or fall? You decide.

2013-03-31: That’s a narrow gauge

2013-03-30: Spring!

2013-03-22: This one is not coming back :( #spring

2013-03-22: Driving home.

2013-03-20: The optimal glass #coffee

2013-03-17: Look at the size of the sweet potato that we ‘accidentally’ grew.

2013-03-07: Evening

2013-03-06: From the Google Working Lounge at SXSWedu

2013-03-02: Picking apples

2013-03-01: Suburbia

2013-02-24: Best friends

2013-02-23: Path to…

2013-02-23: Swampy

2013-02-18: Bare

2013-02-17: Picnic by the lake

2013-02-17: Glorious day

2013-02-10: Still winter.

2013-02-08: Tiffany and Co. has stuff for men too

2013-02-08: Faux Corinthian columns outside Caesar’s

2013-02-07: Caesar’s lobby

2013-02-06: Giant plates piled high at The Central, Caesar’s Palace

2013-02-06: Kegs outside Gordon Ramsay’s Steakhouse.

2013-02-04: Vegas in the distance

2013-02-04: Two more minutes until the fountains begin

2013-02-03: Red Rock Canyon is awesome

2013-01-28: Repeat From yesterday’s visit to Wolf Pen Creek Park

2013-01-27: Ominous

2013-01-21: Bare

2013-01-19: I heart trees too

2013-01-11: A foggy 74mph

2013-01-10: Window full of sky

2013-01-06: In hiding

2012-12-30: A touch of sunlight on an otherwise dreary day

2012-12-24: Christmas Eve dinner

2012-12-24: Brown-eyed girl

2012-12-22: Summer spaces in winter

2012-12-22: The anniversary.

2012-12-14: The Tower

2012-12-09: He looks…stumped

2012-11-30: Last walk on TAMU Campus

2012-11-27: Golden leaves

2012-11-25: More fall colors

2012-11-25: It’s still fall in Texas

2012-11-22: Aggieland

2012-11-18: View from a window

2012-11-13: Birds waiting to attack?

2012-11-13: Shadows

2012-11-12: Diwali with tea lights

2012-11-12: Smoke or clouds? You decide.


2012-11-10: At the World Fest Amphitheater

2012-11-09: TAMU campus

2012-11-09: Obama’s Evening in America

2012-11-05: Look, what Amazon delivered today!

2012-11-04: Up

2012-11-03: A brilliant evening sky

2012-11-01: Skies above and below the horizon. Taken from a plane.

2012-11-01: View from our hotel room. Powell Street in the lower left corner

2012-10-31: Ruan having fun petting dogs at Union Square

2012-10-30: You didn’t think I wouldn’t go there, did you?

2012-10-30: Union Square

2012-10-30: Skyline.

2012-10-30: Taking turns keeping the little one busy

2012-10-28: The fountains at the Yerba Buena Gardens

2012-10-28: The black cube

2012-10-27: Macy’s

2012-10-26: A dreary first day of winter chill

2012-10-26: Winter is coming…

2012-10-23: Fall grass

2012-10-18: Come, sit a while

2012-10-18: In or out?

2012-10-17: Sunset at Lake Pawana

2012-10-17: Kathinngad (The Difficult Fort) across Lake Pawana

2012-10-17: The view to Lake Pawana

2012-10-17: Hanging out with his kaka

2012-10-15: Terrace Garden

2012-10-15: How many can you spot on that motorcycle? Mumbai, India.

2012-10-13: Dark afternoons

2012-10-12: More, ya?

2012-10-11: The first floor terrace at my parent’s home at Panvel

2012-10-10: Cuttack streets

2012-10-10: Mussaldhaar baarish

2012-10-09: The mighty Mahanadi

2012-10-09: No car seat in India gives you such pleasures (and danger)

2012-10-07: At Sigree, Vashi before the crowds arrived for Ruan’s party

2012-10-06: Palm Beach Marg, New Bombay

2012-10-05: The Touch-Me-Not plant

2012-10-05: Out for a walk in the playground opposite our home in India

2012-10-05: Ruan and his grandma on the swings at her school

2012-10-04: Sis-in-law created this care package for us in our room when we arrived

2012-10-04: Getting his grandpa to fix his ‘car car’

2012-10-01: Prachiti’s creation for Ruan in our home.

2012-10-01: The view from the home terrace has definitely changed

2012-09-30: Dubai International Airport

2012-09-29: Ruan’s first ‘applane’ sighting

2012-09-14: Life and death

2012-09-10: Good morning

2012-09-02: Out for breakfast. Rainclouds threatens

2012-08-26: Backyard. Notice the sprinkler line on the fence.

2012-08-23: Triangle

2012-08-23: Shadows

2012-08-23: Finally a nice day to walk on campus

2012-08-19: T’was a tree

2012-08-18: Joy

2012-08-15: Years Lived

2012-08-09: Going the other way on the slide

2012-07-30: Shadow of light

2012-07-28: Imitating

2012-07-21: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

2012-07-18: The only way to be at a Taco Bell…far away.

2012-07-14: Highway

2012-07-12: Student art

2012-07-12: After renovations, this room is just as impressive

2012-07-08: Bonfire Memorial

2012-07-06: YAY! Upside down

2012-06-30: Pavement outside Children’s Museum, Houston

2012-06-25: Nook

2012-06-12: Watching the rain

2012-06-10: The only thing going for Holland this week

2012-05-28: These guys posed for us

2012-05-28: Hope that isn’t making him hungry

2012-05-27: Spongebob is MINE!

2012-05-26: Surprise!

2012-05-20: Watermelon shark by the wife.

2012-05-15: The invisible cup

2012-05-13: Starting ‘em early

2012-05-12: Fountain

2012-05-12: The king of the jungle

2012-05-12: Floating Lights

2012-05-11: Shelter

2012-05-06: Outside the library

2012-05-04: Can’t wait to start driving

2012-05-01: Summer flowers along the trail

2012-04-30: Pool view

2012-04-29: A nut job

2012-04-28: Enjoying the pool in his new float

2012-04-21: Post-nap afternoon snack

2012-04-16: TAMU Commerce

2012-04-13: Walking down the hallway at work

2012-04-10: Dessert at Veritas

2012-04-08: Fresh after a swim

2012-04-07: I can haz sneakers

2012-04-07: Summertime (already?)

2012-04-06: Iowa Jima - the toddler version

2012-04-04: Lobby

2012-04-04: Waiting on a focus group

2012-03-31: Home.

2012-03-30: Development

2012-03-25: Among the blue bonnets - a Texas tradition.

2012-03-23: Springtime Coffee

2012-03-22: Glad he can feed himself now

2012-03-22: Fields of Blue

2012-03-18: Pushing up blue bonnets

2012-03-18: Light at the end of the tunnel

2012-03-16: Out on the front porch

2012-03-16: A Galveston lunch

2012-03-15: Atrium

2012-03-14: The blue bonnets make an appearance

2012-03-14: This is where I have to do my reading these days

2012-03-14: Our yard work supervisor

2012-03-11: Oh! Ruan, such a gentleman’s pose

2012-03-09: Friday!

2012-03-09: Home Workspace. Overkill?

2012-02-24: A jet streaks across the line of the moon, Venus, and Jupiter

2012-02-23: Aligning the lights

2012-02-10: What happens when you let an American eat with his hands

2012-02-08: Helping mommy unload the dishwasher. Get them started early, I say

2012-02-05: Nerdistan

2012-02-04: Crawling Away

2012-01-29: Times are a swingin’

2012-01-28: Never too cold for…

2012-01-16: Style mein rehneka

2012-01-08: The monkey had it coming…

2012-01-06: Mac-man?

2011-12-31: It’s a foggy 31st morning

2011-12-28: Lunch at the park

2011-12-27: At Sweet Eugene’s

2011-12-24: Tis’ the season. She so hates me right now

2011-12-20: “I’m cold”

2011-12-17: Sleep

2011-12-14: Fall comes late to Texas


2011-12-07: Diwali

2011-11-30: Awesome calamari tacos from Chef Tai.

2011-11-21: A beautiful fall day

2011-11-20: Out for a stroll

2011-11-19: I love bacon

2011-11-12: Today at 6am…

2011-10-31: I wear my eyepatch on my chest

2011-10-31: Not a scary doctor for Halloween

2011-10-22: At the Weiner Fest

2011-10-22: Good morning, Saturday

2011-10-21: Halloween approaching

2011-10-20: Coexist

2011-10-19: Winter is coming…

2011-10-17: Knuckle Mug

2011-10-15: Kaun hain wahan?

2011-10-15: After waking us up at 6:30, the Maharaja is now asleep with his snugly toy

2011-10-14: Brought to you via…


2011-09-19: First rule of the mug is you don’t talk about the mug

2011-09-16: From Ruan’s daycare - mischief managed

2011-09-11: Can finally sit in our backyard after the insane summer

2011-09-09: Wish I could shop while I’m asleep too

2011-09-05: Facetiming with his maasi

2011-08-20: The only plant that is growing in this crazy heat

2011-07-25: World reflected in his eyes.

2011-07-24: Evening.

2011-07-13: Yes, both kids are fine

2011-07-12: His Ganpati pose

2011-07-12: On TAMU Campus

2011-07-09: Saturday morning

2011-07-06: The closest we men will come to feeling pregnant

2011-07-05: Where’s Waldo?

2011-07-05: A two-carrot affair

2011-07-04: Uplight and downlight


2011-06-24: Milestone?

2011-06-20: Dog water fountain

2011-06-18: Back to B&N. This time, with another member of the family

2011-06-09: Where did he disappear?

2011-06-08: Out for a stroll

2011-06-06: Rain clouds HDR

2011-06-02: Out shopping

2011-05-30: Green

2011-05-23: Sleepyhead

2011-05-22: Everyone is asleep except…

2011-05-21: For his first doctor’s appt

2011-05-17: Waiting for its occupant

2011-05-10: Guess what?

2011-04-16: Watchdog

2011-04-15: Pergola

2011-04-09: Kaapi

2011-04-08: Fri-eee-diee

2011-04-03: I know which one

2011-03-27: Ready for crawfish?

2011-03-24: Still not quite green

2011-03-23: Still growing


2011-03-19: Once we’re done with coffee we have to go and pick cotton. Told’em we can make tshirts …


2011-03-18: Too bad it says, you can’t ride it

2011-03-18: At Cool Mint Cafe, San Marcos

2011-03-18: If her water breaks, we’re calling him Texas

2011-03-17: Crowdsourcing - tell me if this looks done

2011-03-17: Budding blooms

2011-03-17: Back at my old haunt

2011-03-16: Chef Tai Food Truck

2011-03-13: Flowers in a boot

2011-03-13: Guess who’s she

2011-03-12: Few things I will miss if we move from Texas

2011-03-12: Our first tulip of the spring. Grown from a bulb.

2011-03-11: Sleepy Time

2011-03-10: Red Greens

2011-03-06: A great Sunday afternoon

2011-03-04: Can finally sit out on the patio when eating out

2011-02-26: Hate this weather

2011-02-04: We have own little ice rink outside our door

2011-01-29: Peeping Tom

2011-01-17: Guess which university

2011-01-02: Pretty little red berries

2011-01-01: Gnawing Away

2010-12-19: Up next

2010-11-14: Yes, it’s a bug.

2010-11-06: Out with the girls

2010-10-31: Halloween

2010-10-20: Back to the Mac

2010-10-17: Now the World Cup is truly over

2010-10-17: Dark evening

2010-10-17: Walk

2010-10-17: Sparkling drink at Starbucks