Photos by Pratik

Ice cream truck

Good thing about yesterday’s downpour was it was more than enough to fill up our backyard pond. The newly-planted water lily is happy.

We attended my sister-in-law’s intimate wedding with only immediate family members over the weekend in this wonderful spot just off the National Mall in DC

World War II Memorial, Washington DC

Ionic columns or iconic columns? Actually Doric.

My sister-in-law’s neighborhood in DC has this cute like cottage-like home that looks like a Hobbit house just coz of those massive trees.

It’s a glorious day to be in DC


The Contemplation Court in the African-American Museum, Washington DC.

Morning at the airport.

Standing Tall

It’s evening in America.


Water’s so still you can see the plants inside.

One of the best looking and tasting dishes at Pitchfork Pretty, Austin.

Red snapper with wintered lettuces, avocado and toasted nut butter.

Pitchfork Pretty Restaurant, Austin.


It’s a wet day for an elementary school carnival day but the skies are clearing up quickly.

Let’s go exploring.

Hiking at Camp Moody, Buda.

Hard to believe that we had to sit around a fire less than two weeks ago to feel comfortable and it’s 90ºF today.

Brutalist architecture, UT Austin campus. Sounds worse than what it is.

Coffee drinkers of the world, unite!

Rock on!

Mottled light.

When Japan meets Texas BBQ.

Standing Tall.