Photos by Pratik

From atop the lower Yellowstone Falls early in the morning.

Stay at least 25 yards away from a bison, they told us. I guess the bison that sauntered past our car didn’t get that memo.

What did the buffalo say when its calf went to college?


Standing Tall.

Mammoth Springs Upper Terraces, Yellowstone NP.

While driving back from Lamar Valley in Yellowstone, we spotted this bear near the roadside. Initially we thought it was a grizzly but it may be a brown black bear.


We spied this little fella enjoying his dinner while floating down the Snake River at the foothills of the Grand Tetons.

Most national parks are proud to be called heaven on earth but I think Yellowstone is fine with some of the early explorers thinking of it as hell on earth.

Sky is not the limit

The occasional cascades on the Yellowstone river were a welcome sight in the otherwise silent but fast moving water. We saw some Harlequin ducks near these.

The oldest (and the only) Church in the Grand Teton NP


The walks and the drives


The granddaddy of all hot springs in Yellowstone NP - the Grand Prismatic

“Baba, why is it called Yellowstone National Park?” Me: “This is why”

A male elk with a head full of antlers dropped by to say hello by the roadside 🦌

Evening at the Tetons


We had an awesome 6+ mile hike up through the Cascade Canyon (again bear country) in Grand Tetons NP and the views were worth it 😍 For a part of the hike, we actually hiked through snow.


Schwabacher’s Landing at Grand Tetons NP is one of the most serene places I’ve been to in the mountains. Still waters thanks to beaver dams add a magic touch.

Moulton Barn, America’s most photographed barn and its surroundings in the Grand Tetons valley


I almost convinced my son that Old Faithful is responsible for most of the clouds in the West.

Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone NP

Channeling my inner Ansel Adams at Grand Tetons NP


It was a great day to spend in Lamar Valley, Yellowstone NP. With abundant wildlife to see and the day shifting between heavy snowfall to bright sunshine. Here’s one moment in transition.

We arrived here yesterday and have been off the (internet) grid since then. We woke up to a snowy morning after a nearly 10-hour sleep (I needed it)

Hello, Bozeman. It was pretty flying up here


Firecrackers on Memorial Day.

First pepper of the season 🌞🌱